Big Burgertorium is a restaurant featured in Bye Bye, Burger Boy.

Appearance Edit

It is a large restaurant with a medium purple and fuschia colour scheme. It features a slide, several kiddie rockets, and ball pit and sells burgers, sodas, and fries that are much bigger than those at Burger Boy.

Although it is popular, the main cast doesn't like it as they prefer the food served at Burger Boy. Martha (and one little boy) personally dislike the burgers served there due to hating the smell and taste. It also has ads on TV and in print all over the place.

Jingle Edit

It has a jingle that the main cast didn't like as it was playing too loud for them. The jingle goes like this

Big Burgertorium where it isn't very boring-um. You can play inside, climb the slide. The food is super yummy-yum. Big Burgertorium (indecipherable)

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