Dynamo is a Z-Corp Dog and pet of Mrs Boxwood, Mr Boxwood, Ronald Boxwood and Alice Boxwood.

Appearance Edit

Dynamo is a white, robotic dog with the same size and shape as Martha. His ears are grey and his eyes are green. He also has a built-in purple umbrella.

Personality Edit

Dynamo's manners are not perfect: he sometimes neglects to say please, jumps up and can be "a pain in the neck" when he's bored. He is programmed to get bored if left on for too long and when he is bored, he circles jumps at the humans and verbally demands to be played with (occasionally saying please but not always). He is also programmed to express affection, or, as he puts it, "Dynamo is programmed to love you, too". He is also quite friendly, attempting to make friends with everyone he meets. He can also dance.

Language Skills Edit

Dynamo can speak English, in a monotone voice, occasionally speaking in the third person. He can also recognise the species of any animal he meets and make the animal's noises in attempt to communicate, however, he can't speak Dog and so Martha and Skits just hear nonsense when he barks.

Trivia Edit

  • During one of the times he said "Play with me", the word "me" was emphasised instead of the word "play"
  • He runs off rechargeable batteries.
  • He is immune to scratches, fire, water and being run over.

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