Helen is Martha's 11–year–old companion and principal caregiver. Helen is quiet, but not a pushover. She's willing to try all sorts of things, especially with her friends, but when it comes to throwing herself into public situations, she's hesitant. She loves to draw and is a keen observer of peoplHeen's last name is Lorraine." -description from PBS website

Helen Lorraine




Portrayed By

Madeline Peters


Daniel Lorraine (father)
Mariella Lorraine (mother)
Jake Lorraine (brother)
Martha Lorraine (pet)
Skits Lorraine (pet)
Carolina (cousin)
Jorge (uncle)
Lucy Lorraine (grandmother)
Bernard Lorraine (grandfather)

Chronological information
First Appeared (cartoon)

Martha Speaks

First Appeared (books)

Martha Speaks (book)

Helen Lorraine is a main character and Martha's owner is the TV show Martha Speaks.


Helen is artistic and smart. At some times she can be emotional. She gets excited about things and sometimes jumps to conclusions.


Helen usually wears a purple overcoat with a striped skirt, Blue jeans and purple sneakers outfit Glasses varies on occasion.

Relationship with FamilyEdit


Martha is one of Helen's best dog friend. Helen loves Martha, and not just because she can talk!


Skits is Helen's other best dog friend. Helen loves Skits just as much as Martha, and doesn't care that he can't talk.


  • Helen is ambidextrous

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