Martha Home
Helen's home is the main setting and residence for Martha. Helen lives with her dogs Martha and Skits, Daniel and her Mariella and baby brother Jake.

Exterior Edit

It has a lawn with several rose bushes outside. The roof is held up by white pillars and the house is made of yellow painted woods with an orange tile roof and orange trim. It has an upstairs and a garage.

Interior Edit

Downstairs is the kitchen which has a linoleum floor with red and yellow checks, green and white walls, a brown table surrounded by a white couch and green chairs, windows with red curtains, and a blue tray upon which sits Martha and Skits' food bowls. It opens out to the front yard and it also opens out to the living room. The living room has yellow walls and windows with yellow, red-spotted curtains. In it is a square screen TV, a lamp, a green couch, a round, brown coffee table, three chests of drawers, and a blue armchair which Martha likes to sleep on.

Even further downstairs is the basement, which is not furnished and the walls are not filled in, however, there is a framed picture on one of them.

Upstairs are the bedrooms and the bathroom. Mariella and Daniel's bedroom and Helen's bedroom are on opposite sides of the house. Mariella and Danny's bedroom has a red floor which is mostly covered by a large blue striped rug, a purple bed with a yellow bedstead, three brown dressers, and several paintings and lamps. Helen's bedroom has green and white striped walls with drawings on them, orange curtains and a green chest of drawers. She has a desk and a bed (a single bed with a brown frame and a red and white checked blanket) and a round, green rug on the floor. Jake's bedroom has a red carpet and yellow chest of drawers upon which sits a blue lamp. He sleeps in a brown crib with a space mobile above it and there's also a toy chest in his room, which he throws toys out. He has blue walls, with a starred border along the middle. The bathroom has blue walls with darker blue dots and a lino floor with red and white checks. It has a pink ceiling and pink tiles surrounding the bathtub, which has a spotty shower curtain. There is also a heater in the bathroom.

The top floor is the attic, which is unpainted wood, and unfurnished and serves mostly as a storage space.


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