Lucille "Lucy" Lorraine is the wife of Bernard Lorraine, the mother of Daniel Lorraine, and the grandmother of Helen Lorraine and Jake Lorraine.

Appearance Edit

Lucille is about the same height, build, and weight as Mariella with a white complexion. Her cheeks are a bit chubbier than Mariella's. She has white, wavy bobbed hair and is often seen wearing a puce skirt and puce sensible shoes, a purple sweater, a white blouse and a necklace with a purple pendant.

Personality Edit

She is a bit grumpy, and a neat freak, disapproving of Martha and Skits chewing, shedding on, or slobbering on her furniture (which is quite expensive). Despite being grumpy, she does care about people and is not mean. She is a bit annoyed and intimidated by a talking dog because it's new to her but cares about Martha and is not too scared/annoyed because she knows that her family think Martha is cool. She is also known to not like bacon.

Trivia Edit

  • Martha calls her Grandma Lucille, despite her being Helen and Jake's grandma, not Martha's.
  • She is allergic to flowers.

Gallery Edit

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