Mariella Lorraine



Daniel Lorraine (husband)
Helen Lorraine (daughter)
Jake Lorraine (son)
Martha Lorraine (daughter's pet)
Skits Lorraine (daughter's pet)
Jorge (brother)
Carolina (Niece)

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Martha Speaks

Mariella Lorraine is the mother of Helen and Jake, the sister of Jorge, the aunt of Carolina and the wife of Daniel Lorraine. She is bilingual, as she can speak both English and Spanish. She also works in a garden shop.

.Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown who her parents are. Even when Helen draws her family tree in Martha's Pack, she didn't draw them.
  • Despite all the Lorraines (and T.D. and Martha) hating Mushy Duck, she seems to hate it the most. Also, despite her claiming in the episode that she kept involuntarily humming the theme tune, she was never actually heard humming it.
  • Martha sometimes calls her "Mom", in spite of the fact that she clearly is not Martha's Mom.


Mariella usually is seen wearing a purple shirt, gold hoop earrings, a red flowered skirt, and pink flat shoes. She has brown hair which she usually keeps in a ponytail.

In the summer, she wears a beige t-shirt, green shorts and sandals. In the winter, she wears an aqua coat, pink gloves, grey snow boots and purple trousers. She generally wears a purple nightgown to bed.