Meet everybody's favorite talking dog, Martha. She is the best friend anybody could ever have and is always there to protect you. She's the kind of dog that will have your back no matter what. Martha is kind, loyal, courageous, protective, honest, outspoken, responsible and very talkative. When Helen gave her a bowl of alphabeth soup, instead of going to her stomach the letters in the soup went to her brain. This is why Martha is the only dog that can communicate using words. Her family gave the soup to Skits once and he couldn't say a word. Martha is bilingual (able to speak human and dog), but she can also understand most other animals (except monkeys). She sees the world from dog's point of view and wishes to do everything people do. She is Labrador Retriever, Pitbull cross as mentioned in the show. She is affectionate with her family and very friendly and sweet. She hates going to the vet and is afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Everyone loves the antics of Martha and her friends.

Martha Lorraine





4 (in human years)

Portrayed By

Tabitha St. Germain


Helen Lorraine (owner)
Skits Lorraine (adopted brother)
Daniel Lorraine (owner's father)
Mariela Lorraine (owner's mother)
Jake Lorraine (owner's brother)
Martha's Mom
Skipper (Martha's oldest sister)
Cam (Martha's oldest brother)
Caruso (Martha's younger brother)
Mr. Felix (Martha's younger brother)
"Number 6" (Martha youngest sister)
Mack (Martha's younger brother)
Sarge (Martha's youngest brother)

Chronological information
First Appeared (cartoon)

Martha Speaks/Martha Gives Advice

First Appeared (books)

Martha Speaks (book)

Martha is the titular protagonist of the 2012 American TV show Martha Speaks. She was first presented in the pilot episode as non-talking, until she ate alphabeth soup, which made the letters go to her brain and give her the ability to talk. Ever since then, Martha couldn't stop talking, she's addicted to talking.


Martha, like most dogs, is very energetic and cheerful, but can sometimes get a bit grumpy when she doesn't get her own way or when someone irritates her. Most of the time she is kind, sweet-natured and sociable and she cares about how her friends feel and respects them. Martha is a very thoughtful dog, but she tends to always upset Helen's grandmother Lucille (accidentally), but always tries to make her friends happy any way she can. Martha is shown to be an excellent digger, so much that she can't not dig holes, she has the urge to dig everywhere she goes and once got herself in trouble for it until her friends helped her to put it to good use by making her dig holes for tree planters. Martha loves all her friends and wants to help them by whatever means. She isn't that brave at going into haunted houses, or a dark forest, or even listening to campfire stories, but despite all that Martha is really brave and able to face her fears when it's really necessary. She always comes through for friends (even sometimes the ones that are not fond of her). Martha sees the world from a dog's point of view and wishes to do everything people do, as a talking dog. She has gotten jobs as a firehouse dog, a telemarketer, a talk show host, a radio show hos, a therapy dog, a spokes dog etc. Martha still currently does her radio show where she expresses her thoughts, encouraging humans to behave more like dogs. She even served with a the president for a while, giving him advice on how to help make the country a better place for animals and also to help him figure out what's wrong with his dog, she later gave Smudge, a former junkyard dog, a home at the White House. Like most dogs, Martha hates cats (especially Nelson, the pet of Helen, TD and Alice's nemises Ronald Bockswudd) loud noises and soapy baths. Martha, along with Skits has a special place in her heart Kitten (whom she met while he was staying at her house until he got adopted. At first Martha hated the fact that she had to share a room with a kitten, but after a whil, she grew attached to him). At first Skits laughed at the idea of making friends with a cat until Martha thought him to not be prejudiced. Now Kitten is both their best friend and Martha and Skits don't care about how other dogs will react, nothing can come between them and new friend. Martha hates to see dogs being excluded from human building and not being allowed to participate with their families in human activitie. She doesn't understand why people would want to exclude their "best friends". Martha is very intelligent, protective of her family and incredibly resourceful for a dog. She tends to be a bit gullible sometimes as she believes in the of Big Minnie, the big foot who is believed to live in the forest over by the lake. Not as gullible as TD, but she still falls for some things. Martha tends to believe in super stitions and believes that she can make tales a reality ever since she ate alphabeth soup and became a talking dog. Martha is believed to have a crush on Courageous Collie Carlo, as she goes on and on about how handsome he is and is always eager to have her teeth cleaned whenever she goes to his studio (even though she never wants her teeth cleaned on a regular basis). Martha is very territorial, sulky and short-tempered at times, but she also has a big heart and makes everyone laugh. She is a lot like a big sister figure for Skits, but is still the alpha dog of the house and keeps him in check. When the Lorraine family first adopted Skits, he was the centre of attention and Martha became resentful for a while, she even tried to behave like a puppy just to be loved again (even though the family never loved her less then Skits), but she eventually grew out of it. Martha and Skits now live together as a happy family. Martha even helped Helen and TD get a head start on training him. She's also sarcastic, but she's usually very loving, obedient and responsible.

Relationships with FamilyEdit


Helen is Martha's owner, and Martha admires her a lot. They are best friends, even though they get cross with each other once in a while. Adopting Martha was also Helen's idea.


Skits is Martha's adopted brother, and they are very good friends. Sometimes they fight, like over a toy or food, but they are mostly friends. When the Lorraine family got Skits, Martha was jealous, but eventually, she outgrew it.

Jake Edit

Martha and Jake are generally good friends, Martha cleaning up Jake's spilt food and helping him speak. Jake was once scared of Martha's cone but never has any problems with Martha herself. He also can say "dog" and almost say Martha's name.

Mariella Edit

Martha will call Mariella anything from "Mom" to "Mariella" to "Mrs Lorraine". Although sometimes Mariella shouts out Martha's name angrily and/or tells her off when Martha does something wrong, Martha does care about Mariella as evidenced when she tried to flag down vehicles when Mariella was in labour and to do favours for Mariella in My Mother, the Dog.

Daniel Lorraine Edit

Their relationship is neutral. On one hand (paw?), Danny sometimes yells at Martha. On the other hand/paw, Martha did try to flag down those vehicles when Mariella was in labour. She also calls him "Dad" even though he is obviously not her real dad. Daniel was also the one who adopted Martha.

Lucy Lorraine Edit

Martha likes Grandma Lucille and wants what's best for her, but they do conflict a bit due to Lucille's neat freak tendencies. Martha calls her Grandma Lucille, even though she is not Martha's grandma.

Martha's Mom Edit

Martha and her mother got on very well as puppies, and, as with her siblings, the mother licked and suckled Martha and told her to use her bark to get what she wanted. Martha was a bit clingy to her mother, which meant she didn't get adopted on the same day as her siblings, and when Martha got carried away by the river, her mom thought she'd run away. Now, they still get along fine.

Skipper Edit

Martha and Skipper get along fine, although not much is known about their relationship.

Cam Edit

Martha and Cam get along fine. He and Mack helped find Martha's mother.

Carusoe Edit

Martha and Carusoe get along fine, but not much is known about their relationship.

Mr. Felix Edit

Martha and Mr. Felix get along fine, although she does think it's a bit odd that he's outgrown playing in the mud.

Number 6 Edit

Martha gets along very well with her unnamed sister, and when a delivery truck nearly ran her over, Martha barked at the driver, leading the driver to adopt Martha's mother and foster the litter.

Mack Edit

Martha and Mack get along fine. He and Cam helped her reunite with her mother.

Sarge Edit

Martha and Sarge have a bit of a sibling rivalry, due to Sarge being a bit intimidating, but they don't hate each other.

Relationships with FriendsEdit


T.D. and Martha get along very well because they have mostly the same ideas about certain things. Martha has attempted to teach T.D. to talk dog at his request.


Alice and Martha's relationship is neutral. They don't fight, but they don't converse too much.


Martha and Truman seem to trust each other a lot and be great friends.

Francois Edit

Martha finds Francois a bit annoying and sometimes gets jealous of him, mostly because he is demanding and because she once got the blame for something he did. Despite this, they are good friends and help each other when doing dog stuff together.

Carolina Edit

They have generally a neutral relationship. Carolina sometimes finds Martha a bit annoying but that's just because she doesn't understand dogs very much.

Rinty, Cisco and Bert Edit

These three are all very good friends of Martha's. They have a relationship which could be described as "chummy". When the four of them, plus Ruby, Francois, Skits, Miranda, Estelle, Pops, John and the puppy triplets are together, Martha calls them "the pack".

Miranda and Estelle Edit

They met at the pound and look up to one another, but their relationship is not explored very much.

Pops Edit

They met in the pound. Martha once noted that "he's elderly and we get along just fine".

Butterscotch, Streak and Mandarin Edit

She met these three in the pound too. She is good friends with them but finds them a bit hard to understand as sometimes as their barks are hard to make out, which Martha thinks is because of their young age.

Kitten Edit

Their relationship started off bad because Martha was prejudiced against cats. However, when Kitten nearly got run over and Martha taught him how to cross the road, they became buddies and he helped her shed her prejudices, which led to her helping her dog friends shed their own prejudices.

Polly Edit

Martha can find Polly a bit annoying, saying rude things like "you need help!" to her, but deep down, they are friends, as evidenced when she helped teach Polly words.

Mrs Demson Edit

These two, although they have worked together in the past, usually have an antagonistic relationship as Mrs Demson doesn't like animals and has a hard time remembering Martha's name, and Martha is scared of Mrs Demson.

Nelson Edit

She just doesn't like him for some reason.

Bob Edit

Martha and Bob's relationship is a mixed bag. Martha initially saw the good in him and called him a good dog, but she is intimidated by him. Ironically enough, she refers to him as "not so good" in There Goes the Neighborhood.

The Lee Family Edit

Before she knew Milo existed, she didn't like him as she thought Skits was more interested in his "imaginary" friend than his real friends. Likewise, before his dad Terrence knew Martha existed, he didn't like her very much as he thought T.D. was making up stories about talking dogs. However, when they met, they became very good friends. Martha also cares greatly for Lily, as evidenced in The Puppy Tooth Fairy.

The Parkingtons Edit

Martha didn't really interact with them up until Martha Gets Spooked, when Mrs Parkington thought Martha's voice was that of the ghost of her deceased great-aunt who is also named Martha. Martha also borrowed ingredients off of the Parkingtons in Martha Bakes.

Kazuo Edit

Martha and Kazuo get along fine, although when he first found out that she could talk, he had trouble understanding. He was the one who found her as a puppy and eventually got her adopted.

Trivia Edit