Martha's Blue Period is an episode of Martha Speaks (TV series). It aired on 25 June, 2013.

Summary Edit

The episode begins with Martha in a sad mood that Helen is leaving for art class. When Helen leaves, she feels bad because Martha looked sad, blue, pitiful, dejected, and mopey, so she sends T.D., who is dressed as a pirate, over to dog-sit the dogs. He asks Martha if she's blue, and she takes it literally and says no. He explains what feeling blue is and Martha says she is. At art class, the teacher tells the kids to observe the outside world, thus disallowing phones; Helen texts anyway. T.D. intends to text "Martha is eating something in the sofa" but instead texts "Martha's eating the sofa". The art teacher says to draw the first thing that comes to mind, so Helen draws Martha eating the house. She then excuses herself and goes to the phone and calls Truman, asking if the house is still there. He says yes but sees the dogs trying to take T.D.'s pirate boots off and says it's being attacked by pirates and the dogs are fighting them off. Helen draws a picture of this. The art teacher says to stop drawing pictures of dogs, but then the dogs show up and pose, and everyone paints them.

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morose, pitiful, blue, mope(ing), sentimental