"Martha Speaks"
Season 1, Episode 1a
Production code: 101a
Original Airdate: September 1, 2008
Vocabulary Words: express , discuss, mumble, exclaim, shout, speak, jabber, talk, whisper, communicate
Written by: Ken Scarborough (head)
"Martha Gives Advice"
Martha Speaks is the first book of the Martha Speaks book series and the first half of the first episode of Season 1.


When Martha eats alphabet soup, the letters go to her brain instead of her stomach and thus she develops the ability to talk. After her family complains that she talks too much, they tell her to "SHUT UP!" and she stops eating her soup. When Helen tells Martha that she wishes she never spoke, Martha leaves in despair. The next day, when Helen gives Martha breakfast, she refuses to eat. Later, she tells her cousin that her dog won't speak. Carolina pretends to believe it, but Helen tells her to whisper. At school, when she tells T.D. about Martha's speaking habit, he tries to tell her that has already started five minutes ago. Later that night, when the family goes out to see a movie without Martha, a cat burglar breaks into her house, and Martha finds herself speechless. However, she is then fed alphabet soup by the robber, causing her to regain her ability to talk and eventually calls the police. Once the family comes back home, they learn that Martha was, in fact, the one who called the police on the robber. Helen apologizes, admitting that the robbery would have been her fault, and Martha forgives her. The family treats Martha to a walk.


Trivia Edit

  • At the scene where Carolina talks to Helen, the interior of the house is the opposite direction. it,s the 1rst episode of season 1 of this series

Vocabulary Words Edit

express , discuss, mumble, exclaim, shout, speak, jabber, talk, whisper, communicate