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Mrs. Demson


Mrs. Demson is the Lorraines' grumpy neighbor.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mrs Demson is a short woman with wrinkled, Caucasian skin and white hair which she wears in an Afro. She commonly wears a lilac cardigan, purple glasses, gold hoop earrings, a white blouse, a plaid skirt, brown slip-on shoes, a white pearl necklace, and a gold necklace with a green amulet.

Personality Edit

Mrs Demson is very grumpy, and spends a lot of her time complaining. She complains about a variety of things, including fireworks being too noisy, shoes being too stiff, and things being too dirty. She also has a tendency to forget Martha's name, calling her Magda or Marla, and when she is corrected she either thinks the other person must be wrong or that Martha's name should be the name she said.

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