Mushy Duck is a TV programme that Ralph likes.

Description Edit

It seems to be the only show that Ralph watches and all his friends like it too.

However, everybody else hates it. The Lorraines and T.D. find it annoying and Mariella hates it the most, sometimes even acting afraid of it, because when it gets into her head (and she doesn't like that anyway as she finds it annoying), she hums it involuntarily, which she finds very annoying. Martha is less annoyed than the Lorraines and T.D. but she thinks it's boring. For some reason, Ralph wants other people to watch it too. When the Lorraines and T.D. were avoiding watching it, they, for reasons unknown, didn't just outright say "I don't like this show", they made hesitant excuses instead. (Danny said he wanted to change Jake's diaper, Helen said she wanted to do her homework, T.D. said he wanted to clean the garbage and Mariella said she wanted to "move something from somewhere to somewhere else"). However, later in the episode, they are unafraid to voice their dislike of the show.

Theme Song Edit

Have a seat. You're in luck.

Now it's time for Mushy Duck.

Mushy mushy mushy mushy mushy mushy mushy mushy mushy duck!

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