Myrtle is a minor character who is a friend of the shopkeeper.

Role Edit

She featured in Martha Runs the Store. When Helen Lorraine was purchasing earrings for Mariella Lorraine's birthday, the shopkeeper saw Myrtle, who was looking at some jackets and got distracted, leading to a conversation between the two women. When Helen left, the shopkeeper noted to Myrtle about how youths were always in a hurry.

Appearance Edit

Myrtle is Caucasian, with a double chin and medium-length brown curly hair. When Helen saw her, she was wearing a lilac knitted cardigan, gold hoop earrings, a very dark purple long skirt and a frilly white blouse and carrying a black handbag over her shoulder.

Trivia Edit

  • We never see what (if any) footwear she was wearing.
  • She apparently knows the shopkeeper's nephew.