Several times, robots appeared in the series.

Robot Martha Edit

In Martha and the Canine Caper, Otis Weaselgraft created a robot to resemble Martha that could recite tongue twisters. He and his assistant hoped that this could pass off for the real Martha, but it couldn't because it was glitchy and didn't look furry enough.

Robot Elephant Edit

In The Penguin Always Rings Twice, a robot elephant stole the peanuts so that someone else could frame Jeffy. People can put this robot together in the "Attach" segment of Truman's Word Play.

Robot T.D. Edit

In one of the between-episode segments, Tyrone Daniel "T.D." Kennelly invented a realistic robot of himself, but the head fell off. However, this robot likely doesn't really exist.

Z-Corp Dog Edit

"The Boxwoods have a Z-Corp Dog! The Boxwoods have a Z-Corp Dog!"-T.D.

A Z-Corp Dog is a robot dog which runs on batteries, that is white with grey ears, red, glowing eyes, and a build similar to Martha's but more slender.

They can obey any spoken command and, like real dogs, they "are a pain in the neck" if they get bored. Unlike real dogs, however, they also have built-in umbrellas and can juggle with their back paws.

They can also talk; they call their owner "Master" and speak in a robotic monotone (however when they say "Play with me", which is usually said when they're bored, it is said in a slight singsong voice and the word "me" is emphasised). They can recognise all animals and when they see an animal, they make that animal's noise (for example saying "Arf arf" when they see a real dog). However, they cannot actually communicate with real dogs.

Dynamo is a Z-Corp Dog.

Take-a-Bath 5000 Edit

The Take-a-Bath 5000 was a square-shaped robot invented by Dr Arms and the antagonist of T.D.'s story Space Dog Martha. It had many long arms with showers on the ends. In the story, Martha and Jake (not the real ones, astronaut versions imagined by T.D.) chased it, tying it up along with its inventor.

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