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Ronald Boxwood



Mr. Boxwood (father)
Mrs. Boxwood (mother)
Alice Boxwood (sister)
Nelson Boxwood (pet)
Polly Boxwood (pet)

Chronological information
First Appeared (cartoon)

Martha Speaks

Ronald Boxwood is the brother of Alice. He is in high school and tends to act like a "know-it-all." He is something of a snob and enjoys scaring, teasing, and annoying Alice and her friends, including the dog. Ronald also has a love/hate relationship with animals, owning a cat named Nelson and a parrot named Polly, but can be a bit rude to animals that don't do what he wants.

Ronald likes computers and gadgets, but his favorite activity is anything that involves annoying his sister and her friends. (Copied and pasted from P.B.S.)

Physical Appearance Edit

Ronald is a tall white male teenager with blond hair, wears a blue polo T shirt, light brown, brown pants, and brown loafers. He is also quite skinny and generally has either a neutral, annoyed, or smug expression.

Relationships Edit


  • Mr. Boxwood (Father)
  • Mrs. Boxwood (Mother)
  • Alice (Sister)


  • Nelson (cat)
  • Polly (parrot)


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