Ruby is a Border Collie dog that got locked in a hot car during the events of Martha's Steamed!.

Role Edit

Helen Lorraine and Martha first met her on a hot summer's day while she was in the carpark, in a car. Helen was shocked as you should never leave dogs in hot cars; that's dangerous and can even be life-threatening. Martha translated Ruby's barks to find out her owner's name was "Ray" and that the dog's own name was Ruby.

They then identified the car as belonging to a man and he set Ruby free and she had a big drink, but his name wasn't Ray and he didn't have a dog. Eventually, everything was sorted when Ruby's owner Rachael, or Ra for short, showed up. Turns out, Ruby had snuck into the man's car as he'd left his door in and she could smell doughnuts, but then the car had locked.

Personality Edit

Ruby is patient and level-headed enough to not freak out while in the car, but not a strategic thinker when she's distracted by food, similar to how Martha and Skits think. She is quite a friendly dog, and, while brave, is not completely fearless.