Space Dog Martha is a story that Tyrone Daniel "T.D." Kennelly wrote to help Jake Lorraine get over his fear of Martha's cone in the episode Itchy Martha.

At first, Martha thought it was a bad idea but eventually she liked it. Jake thought it was funny.

Story Edit

Space Dog Martha and Doctor Jake are going to the moon.

A space dog needs a special helmet. It looks like a cone.

"Three two one, blastoff! Zip zap zoom, we're going to the moon!" (Line of dialogue by Dr Jake)

"Hurray, we made it!" (line of dialogue by Dr Jake)

But what's this? All of a sudden, the moon cracks open!

It turns out it's not the real moon.

It's a fake moon put up by the evil inventor Dr Arms.

Inside is a giant contraption he devised: the Take-a-Bath 5000!

It's a machine with a giant water tank for a body, eight shower hose arms and a soap dispenser for a head.#

"Ha ha ha! Bathtime, you two!" (line of dialogue by Dr Arms)

"A bath? Try and get us!" (line of dialogue by Dr Jake)

And with that, Dr Jake and Space Dog Martha leap into action, running in crazy figure-eights until the robotic contraption is tied up into a giant knot, along with Dr Arms.

"Good thinking, team", "Hang onto my cone, Jake" (lines of dialogue from Jake and Martha respectively)

And with that, they fly all the way back home, just in time for bed

Goodnight, the end.

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