The theme song, which explains the premise of the show, plays at the beginning of every episode.

Lyrics Edit

Martha was an average dog.

She went---

Martha: Woof!


Martha: Woof!


Martha: Grrr!

Then, she ate some alphabet soup and what happened was bizarre.

Scientist: On the way to Martha's stomach, the letters lost their way. They travelled to her brain and now--

She's got a lot to say!

Now, she speaks.

Martha: How now, brown cow.

Martha speaks.

Yeah, she speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks

.Martha: What's a caboose? When are we eating again?

Martha speaks.

Martha: Hey, Joe. Whaddaya know?

Helen: My name's not Joe.

Martha: She's not always right but still, that Martha speaks.

Martha: Hi there.

She's got a voice, she's ready to shout. Martha will tell you what it's all about.

Sometimes wrong but seldom in doubt, Martha will tell you what it's all about.

That dog's unique.

Martha: Testing, one two.

Hear her speak. Martha speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and---

Martha: Communicates, enumerates, elucidates, exaggerates, indicates, and explicates, bloviates and understates, and (pants) hyperventilates.


To reiterate, Martha speaks!

Animation Edit

On a green background, Martha circles a fire hydrant. She then sits down and barks then pops up close to the screen and barks again, then pops into the background and growls.

In a purple striped background, she eats some alphabet soup out of her bowl. Then, the scientist pulls a white background down and narrates what happened, while we see the insides of Martha's throat, stomach, and brain and the letters going into her brain.

Then, on a blue background, Martha falls down to the right, knocking apart a stack of large letters. She lands on a green background with plants and walks to the right, greeting a cow.

As another cow appears, the events of several episodes are shown in speech bubbles.

In what appears to be the Lorraine family kitchen, but with an orange flowered background, Martha asks Daniel (who is reading the newspaper) what a caboose is, and Mariella (who is heating up some alphabet soup) when they will be eating.

Martha then lands on a purple background, where she greets Helen, who is painting a picture of Martha saying something.

Martha walks off into a white background, with Grandma Lucille, Grandpa Bernie, Ronald Boxwood, Granny Flo and two others and greets them. They run off in shock and one of them drops a partly eaten sandwich, which Martha picks up and bounds off to the left.

On a white, orange and red striped background, Martha bounces on several giant cans of alphabet soup.

She lands on a blue-grey background, in a spotlight, with a microphone and begins to use it. She dances then says a lot of words into the microphone, which makes her out of breath.

Then, on the title page, we see the Lorraines, Martha, Skits, T.D., and Truman (who's reading)

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