A brand new promo for Martha Speaks will be kaleidoscope-styled and will offer images and videos for each character in a kaleidoscope/mirror format and will also have a sitar-style instrumental kaleidoscope version of the Martha Speaks theme song along with text in the center of the screen while the kaleidoscope is playing.

Here's a rundown of a new Martha Speaks kaleidoscope promo:

1. Moving Simpsons clouds

2. Helen Lorraine (going up, twirls around, drops down)

3. Mariella Lorraine (twirls around in figure 8, going up, drops down)

4. Martha Lorraine (going up, spins around, drops down)

5. Jake Lorraine (spins around, drops down, going up, drops down)

6. Daniel Lorraine (going up, spins around, drops down)

7. Still of Simpsons clouds with a large text-only Martha Speaks logo at the top

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