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  • Orion001

    Loving your dog

    May 8, 2013 by Orion001

    There is so many dogs in the world.  But here is a short guide to loving your dog at any age.  Puppies have loads of energy, they like running around and playing.  Remember they are still young and do not get angry about everything they do wrong because with training and time does accidents will disappear.  Rules are the best thing for young dogs like puppies because it makes them feel like they are part of the family.  When they are middle age, they have experence and can be very good with you.  They love to remind themselves of being a puppy and they love to play.  Feeding them, talking to them and giving them baths time to time is away of giving them your love.  When they get into there senior ages, treat them like royalty and give them…

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  • Orion001

    Town Name

    September 17, 2012 by Orion001

    What is the name of this town. I am been adding locations in this town and I forgot the name of the town. It can help if the town had a name. Than some of the locations can have a name of sorts.

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  • Orion001

    A Tale of Two Wikis

    September 9, 2012 by Orion001

    Everyone heard the story of the Tale of Two Cities. Well let me introduce the story of Tale of Two Wikis. The first wiki is not that good, it is heavly vandilised and spammed. But the other site is new and clean, with no vandilism and spam. The user wanted to help put but because of the heavy vandilism and spam he can not tell wheter it is right or wrong. So he moved from the vandilised site hoping to prevent the same thing to happen on the other site to the clean site. Over time that site will come back to haunt the user. Trying to force him back to it. Nut unlike the Tale of Two cities where the main character went back to London and get punished for treason and his friend comes and saves his life. This user stays away dispite b…

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