Vehicles that appeared in the series.

Cars Edit

The Lorraine family own a comparatively long, blue and brown car with a beige interior. Daniel Lorraine typically drives. The police also drive around in a car. In Martha's Steamed!, Ruby climbed into a car that had its door left open to get doughnuts and accidentally locked herself inside, leaving her to need rescuing by Martha and Helen. Note: This is true in real life, never leave a dog in a hot car. Jake Lorraine also drives a pretend car, sometimes giving Martha rides. Martha also used to get carsick as a puppy, and her dog-nappers also drive cars.

Trucks Edit

In the game Crazy Vehicle, Martha drives a truck that has a propeller and can also float, however, this is likely just made up as Martha says herself in an episode that she can't drive. O.G. Kennelly and C.K. also both drive land rovers. The firefighters also drive a firetruck, which Martha wanted to be able to drive like the book character Fire Dog Freddie, but she couldn't.

Boats Edit

In Truman and the Deep Blue Sea, the cast of Martha Speaks went on a ride in a cruise ship to spot dolphins and whales, which was worth it but a bit of a challenge as Truman gets seasick. In the same episode, he was reading the Odyssey, which is a real life book that features a boat. To get to Flea Island, they travel in a small rowboat, which was also used to test Truman's nausea.

Bicycles Edit

Helen rides a blue bike while wearing a blue helmet and pads.

Alice also has a bike but hers is too big so she still has stabilisers.

When T.D. learned to ride a bike, he got a fake bike made out of food.

Skateboards Edit

Alice Boxwood owns a skateboard. It got weighed in one of Martha's True Stories.